Current Wines

2018 Syrah

Price: $45.00 Buy Direct from our Winery Tasting Note COLOR:  Color is medium ruby. NOSE:  Nose of Rainier Cherry and cedar. PALATE: Palate chimes with summer crisp red berries and a soft buttery leather texture. FINISH: Long smooth finish. TANNINS & ACID: Nice acidy and tannin balance. Technical Data HARVEST DATE: 16 SEP 2018 BRIX: 23’ TONS HARVEST: 1.28 FERMENTATION: …

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2015 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

Price: $50.00 Buy Direct from our Winery Tasting Note COLOR: Zircon red in color and slightly opaque. NOSE: Nose of Black plume, currant and redwood forrest. PALATE: Palate enjoys ripe stone fruits, caramel and blueberry FINISH: The Finish is long with notes of sandalwood, cassis and toasted vanilla. TANNINS & ACID: Medium tannins with balanced acidity. DECANT: Consume now or…

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2016 Petite Sirah

Price: $36.00 Buy Direct from our Winery Tasting Notes COLOR: Dark opaque violet. NOSE: Nose blossoms with rich dark fruit of blackberries and blueberries along with mineral and leather. PALATE: The palate experiences a rich full bodied mouth feel of black summer fruit with a hint of spice and cedar. FINISH: The finish lingers with slight mocha, spice and berry.…

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2018 Zinfandel

Price: $40.00 Buy Direct from our Winery Tasting Note COLOR:  Deep Garnet. NOSE:  Fresh Raspberries, White Pepper and Spice. PALATE:  Palate Chimes with a dance of Bright Spice and Summer Red Berries . FINISH:  Long and Lovely with Sweet Cigar Box and Light Mocha TANNINS & ACID:  Balanced Acidity and Medium Tannins DECANT: Techinal Data FARMED: Rink Ranch, Northern Alexander…

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2018 Hillside Blend

Price: $38.00 Buy Direct from our Winery Tasting Note COLOR:  Dark opaque inky ruby color. NOSE:  Blackberry and plum nose with hints of leather and spice.. FINISH:  There is a nice mineral / anise spice quality to the cedar woodsy finish boasting a long length and wish for a little more. TANNINS & ACID:  This wine is full bodied with…

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Olive Oil

Price: $25.00 Buy Direct from our Winery Currently, we have more than 200 Spanish and Italian olive trees planted on our hillside groves near our vineyards. During harvest, we pick all the trees together and then combine the olives into a single batch, which produces a field blend of wonderful oil. The Spanish varietals deliver a rich golden oil, and…

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